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The Alex Press welcomes local event submissions for events within the City of Port Phillip only.

If you are interested in posting an event on our site please complete this form. 

A Simple Plan

Within the Alex Theatre Project, we have built a creative hub, people that are passionate about their projects and the community around the City of Port Phillip.

With the guidance of Aleksandar Vass OAM, we will be launching The Alex Press and our hope is that it will find a voice within our community as it grows.

Our plan is simple, we build and support a platform and enable local people to contribute stories that matter to you.

Contact for the Event

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Please don’t send us press releases or advertising content through  this page.  Press releases can be emailed to news@thealexpress.com.au and click here of advertising submissions.


  • Our Editorial Committee reserves the right to publish or not material submitted.
  • We don’t pay for news or stories through this channel.

Before you submit

  • If a news article ensure it is accurate and factual. This is the #1 most important rule for our site If what you submit isn’t factual and isn’t well researched, it won’t get accepted.
  • We want to see your writing so don’t copy other peoples work. Make sure the work is yours and not plagiarise.
  • Please tell us if the work has been published elsewhere.
  • Enjoy and engage with the topic you are writing about. Be passionate as others will connect with your story if you have first.

Our Patron


"... there is nothing like a good story!

Story’s move us, teach us and add value to our lives."