Saturday, July 13, 2024
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St Kilda

3 Grumpy Old Men of St Kilda


Finding their way in an ever-modernizing society and refusing to be mere mortal wallflowers our 3 grumpy old heroes lead the way for an aging world from St Kilda!


  • David Hunt – grumpy because he has the right to be,
  • Dick Gross AM – grumpy because he is entitled to be, and
  • The legendary Mick Pacholli – who has never had a grumpy day in his life and will challenge anyone who says differently!

3 Grumpy Old Men of St Kilda is now live online, but for how long that is anyone’s guess… as the lads are aging like any full body bottle in a drunkard’s wine cellar.

You are welcome to comment on the show but know these Three Muskoterrors just don’t care what you think anymore! Just be thankful for the wisdom they share with you all.

The 3 Grumpy Old Men of St Kilda program is their gift to humanity.

Disclaimer: This show is not very PC, the opinions discussed are held by no one involved and things can only get worse from here… we are doing our best but what can you do, these guys are old and grumpy!

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