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Alegy Valganon las lianas single vineyard Field blend 2019


Spain – (Sajazarra) – $105.00

Oscar and Eva take a village approach to making organic Rioja wines. From their winery base in Sajazarra,
I may not do this wine justice as I tasted it after the Albarino that had knocked my plate for 6.
However, I found the wine semi-dry with a hint of sweetness lurking in the background as it slid easily past my plate. There was a green/golden grass/hay herby mineral thing going on at the finish as well.

To do the wine justice I believe it deserves a meal to get to understand what was evolving here, as there was a lot happening in my glass and a short time to evaluate it…

michael lillisMichael Lillis

the Rot has set in.

Interesting wine only 530 bottles made – wine makers doing their own thing!
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