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Alex Theatre St Kilda Economic Impact Report


Analysis of the economic impact of the Alex Theatre, St Kilda

This report (Study) has been produced independently by Hawkridge Entertainment Services (HES) on the request of Alex Read Theatre Performances Inc. The information, statements, statistics and commentary (together the ‘Information’) contained in this Report have been prepared by HES from publicly available material and from discussions held with stakeholders. HES does not express an opinion as to the accuracy or completeness of the information provided, the assumptions made by the parties that provided the information or any conclusions reached by those parties. HES have based this Report on information received or obtained, on the basis that such information is accurate and, where it is represented to HES as such, complete. The Information contained in this Report has not been subject to an audit.

Hawkridge Entertainment Services would also like to acknowledge the assistance given by Aleksandar Vass OAM, the President of Alex Read Theatre Performances Inc in the preparation of this study.

To read the full report CLICK HERE

The Alex Theatre is the home to a diverse array of performing arts groups and artists who are actively working towards a common goal, which was put into motion 6 years ago by Aleksandar Vass OAM. St Kilda has been the original wellspring of rock music, creative arts, and film in Australia, however, over the last ten years the once great entertainment hub in Melbourne has been on the decline. Six years ago, the Alex Theatre project was set up and impacted positively on the stabilization of business activities at the top end of Fitzroy Street.

Alex Theatre reports
Alex Theatre reports
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