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Business Networking – Film and Television


Business networking and drinks on a Thursday at the Alex Theatre St Kilda.

The creative industry is a business like no other, it incorporates almost every other business sector, and every segment of society is connected through those that attend shows, and events, attend galleries, play games online, watch films the list goes on.

As part of our reactivation of our business sector, Vass Theatre Group is hosting business-to-business networking meetings on random days until the end of September targeting different industry groups that we have connections with.

Our next networking event is on Thursday 15 September at 5:30pm in The Lounge of the Alex Theatre and is an opportunity to meet Our Producers at Vass Productions Kate Whitbread and Aleksandar Vass OAM.

Our guest speaker will be given the opportunity to talk for up to 30 minutes then the evening is all about networking, meeting new people and catching up with connections face-to-face.

Our guest speaker on the 15th is Tim Levy from Resonant Blue and will be talking about marketing for Film Makers.

We would love to catch up and connect with you on Thursday 15 September at 5:30pm.

CLICK HERE to RSVP (RSVP a must for this event)

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