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Discover The Lost History of the Ancient Olympic Games – Book Launch


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Chariot of Knowledge:
The Lost History of the Ancient Olympic Games

A Book by Sandra Rato with Ivo Rato

Sandra Rato and her father Ivo Rato worked together in the research and writing of Chariot of Knowledge: The Lost History of the Ancient Olympic Games.

Their investigation of the Ancient Olympics secret history is grounded in their Lusitanian (Portuguese Celtic) heritage and was refined through Sandra’s studies in archeology and anthropology at La Trobe University.

Their shared journey towards publishing this book began with a re-enactment of the ancient Isthmian Games in Melbourne in 1990, paying homage to Greek culture while shining their light on the games’ connection with Celtic sporting tradition. 

Discover the lost history of the Ancient Olympic Games. In popular belief, the Olympic Games were primarily a Greek invention. Yet, this perception covers a secret history that connects the games not only to the “classical” societies of the Greeks and Romans, but also to the Bible, earlier Middle Eastern mythologies, and the supposedly barbarian tribes of northern and western Europe.

Chariot of Knowledge finally reveals the long-hidden story of the wider traditions that the Ancient Olympics were just one part of. Based on years of research into ancient sporting events and European mythology, Sandra and Ivo Rato connect the famous games to a nigh-universal set of mystical beliefs that reach all the way back to the roots of Indo-European civilisation. In doing so, they also reveal the motivations that have seen these truths repressed for so many centuries.

The day includes an introduction to Robert Victor Jones’ Book

Ivan Rato – Celtic Mentor


With diurnal regularity through tireless efforts of many astronomers, geologists, historians, scientists, archaeologists & anthropologists… currently, our 21st century is exposing a new and fresh understanding of our Celtic historical connection, which is constantly unfolding and evolving with each new-found artefact. For those of us who bare breath, heart, and spirit of these ancient warriors, with the mindset to ‘fight for what we believe is right’, thus creating for ourselves a belief system that our lives are about ‘Real Truth and Human Evolvement’.

For us, these new facts are showing we are simply their successors, therefore we are ourselves as a global community, all modern Celts. Now, at this present time we identify as the 21st Century – 3rd Millennium, every aspect of Celtic culture is a very visible part of a multicultural world. Everyone whose family roots lay across northern Africa, in central Europe (Nordic Balkans Eight), and north-western Europe (Scandinavia – Nordic Baltic Eight), all areas including the extreme east and north-east of Eurasia/China/Siberia, the Americas, all throughout the Pacific & south Pacific including Australasia has a Celtic connection of some degree. Celtic culture began with the beginning of time; it is still a living force in the modern world, through Celtic art, Celtic music, Celtic writing, and Celtic spirituality. This is because the CONCEALED EMPIRE of the Celtic civilization with their matriarchal religious philosophy has always continued relentlessly, albeit semi secretly, throughout all the Ages without break.

This unbroken tradition can be experienced in the oldest literature from Northern Europe that is in the Scottish, Welsh, and Irish languages. These Celtic languages are descended from Proto-Celtic, or Common Celtic; a branch of the greater Indo-European language family, plus the Q – Celtic Goidelic and P – Celtic, Brythonic, and even earlier Gaelic/Basque. Plus, Punic and Sanskrit and Akkadian/Assyrian writings preserve the ancient Celtic world view that is nature venerating, and poetic, where the material and the spiritual worlds come together to enrich one another enhancing the mind with long LOST knowledge.

Here in the ‘BOOK OF CELTS’ – ‘Connecting Europe’s LOST Tribal Societies’, we (i.e., you, the reader and me, the author of this story) commence this esoteric journey together with an IMAGINARY IMMORTAL – CELTIC WARRIOR as our ‘Alter-Ego’; this at first may be confusing, perhaps even a little daunting to a few, but I promise YOU, it is an epic journey well worth venturing upon. This is a real story about ‘THE JOURNEY OF A HERO’ where the hero of the journey becomes YOU.

Join Sandra and Ivo Rato on Sunday 21st August 2022

from 3PM to celebrate the launch of their book

Chariot of Knowledge.

Celebrate this book launch with food, wine and beer provided and entertainment from

Eugene Hamilton and The Money returning to The Dogs Bar

54 Acland St, St Kilda
(03) 9593 9535

Sponsored by Platinum Construction and presented by St Kilda Writers Festival

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