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How Can You Get Over Losing a Loved One?


Mick Pacholli
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Losing a loved someone you were once attached to is one of the most painful experiences in life, and it is not easy to overcome that grief. Bereavement or mourning is an unavoidable part of life that all of us will go through at some point.

Whether it’s a friend, partner, parent, pet, or relative, the death of a loved one can be devastating and heartbreaking. Grief and mourning are a mixture of many emotions, and each individual expresses it in their way. While one person feels shocked and desolated about losing a loved one, another may feel regret, misplaced guilt and anger in general.

Grief is not limited to just emotional responses. It can also be physical, like difficulty sleeping, pains, weight and appetite changes, and an impaired immune system leading to various health complications. There are healthy ways to overcome the anguish and come to terms with your grief.

How to Accept and Move On After Losing a Loved One?

One of the best ways to accept the loss of a loved one is through memorialization. This is not new and has been in practice since 35,000 B.C. With the change of time and tide, the rituals and ways of memorialization might have changed, but the purpose behind this noble deed remains the same.

Here are some ways you can honour the memory of your loved one and move on with your grieving process.

Plant a Tree in a Memorial Garden:

Scientific advancements allow you to infuse organically treated human ashes into a tree. These trees are called memorial trees and act as a living physical reminder of the person who has passed away.

The ashes are treated scientifically to produce living molecules that help the memorial trees grow and flourish in the garden. You can choose a tree you like or something that connects to your loved one. Before planting the tree, the ash is mixed with the soil to help the tree grow.

You can come and visit the memorial tree all year round and spend quality time in the peaceful garden. Memorial gardens are protected lands bound by a conservation agreement. This means the area cannot be logged or developed at any time. Your memorial tree will get its customized plaque as well. Memorial gardens represent the circle of life in its truest form – trees. Seeing a tree grow and flourish from the ashes of your loved one helps your grieving heart settle and accept the fact that they have passed on. These trees are a permanent place of remembrance and a physical reminder for you to contemplate and spend time with your dear one.

Charity Contributions:

Did your dear ones have a charity close to their heart where they frequently donated?

Or did they have a social cause that they were passionate about?

If so, you can continue the tradition and make donations in the name of the person who has passed on. You can contribute in two different ways. You can either pledge to donate a specific amount of money every year or ask all your friends and family to contribute the same amount as the age of the person who has passed away.

For instance, if a person passes away at 60, your family members and friends can each contribute $60 to the charity. Many charities have the option of setting up recurring donations in the name and memory of an individual.

Suppose you are under financial burdens and cannot contribute monetarily. In that case, devote your time as a volunteer to the cause.

Cook Their Favorite Food:

Food is something that brings comfort even in the most difficult times. Cooking your loved one’s favourite dish is one way of honouring the empty seat at the dinner table. Smell and taste are powerful senses that can jog our memory effectively.

Use this opportunity to cook and share this special meal with your loved ones. You can also turn it into a potluck where every guest brings their favourite dishes, and you enjoy the day by sharing old memories of your loved one.

In Conclusion

Honouring the memories of a loved one does not always have to be an extravagant affair involving memorial services and funeral homes. Whether you plant a tree in a memorial garden or cook their favourite food, try to find ways that help you move on in life.

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