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How to make a good cup of tea


By Jack R  – 13. Middle Park

To make a good cup of tea you need:

  • hot water,
  • a cup ( duh ),
  • Twinings Morning tea,
  • 2 and a half teaspoons of sugar,
  • A teaspoon of Manuka honey, and
  • any type of milk.

First, you add the 2 half teaspoons of sugar in your cup, then add a teaspoon of manuka honey, add the hot water till its around 70% full, mix till it’s all dissolved then add your teabag to your hot water and wait around a minute and a half, then take out the bag and throw it out then grab your spoon again to mix in the milk till its full and its done!

A nice cup of tea, nice when hot or cold, but if you don’t want the sweet flavour you can put less sugar in it.

(Editor: We encourage children to start writing articles about the things that are important to them. Thank you Jack we love a good cup of tea also.) 

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