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Let’s Get Scared Together – Zompea Project


Our Queen Bee at the Alex Theatre, and FICAC volunteer Lynette Cawcutt, in conjunction with St Kilda Tourism Association Inc Celebrate Children’s Week the only way we know-how, with Zombie pumpkins taking over St Kilda leading up to Halloween!

This project is to build ties between Fish Island Community Arts Centre in Cambodia and our tribe in St Kilda, uniting our communities together through the power of storytelling.

To find out more about Fish Island Community Arts Centre in Cambodia visit https://www.facebook.com/Fish-Island-…

Zompea: a zombie variant released in St Kilda in time for Halloween! (only pumpkins are affected by Zompea. If your pumpkin is exposed to Zompea keep it away from popcorn until after all hallows eve… please. It will be safe to eat after that… maybe!)

Be safe and don’t let your Buttercup eat the pumpkins soup from St Kilda… Zompea is out there!

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