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Linden New Art presents Self Care Action Series


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An exhibition by Kate Just

18 March – 4 June 2023

Linden New Art is pleased to present Kate Just’s ongoing project Self Care Action Series, consisting of forty hand-knitted, brightly-coloured panels bearing texts related to self-care, exhibiting at the gallery from 18 March – 4 June, 2023.

Self Care Action Series arose out of Just’s well-known social justice and feminist art practice and reflects the artist’s knitted meditation on actions required to sustain oneself to do challenging work in a confronting world. As a queer feminist, artist teacher, advocate, activist, and parent who dedicates a lot of time working in the art world and real-world contexts to generate social and political chance, Just explores the radical history of self-care and its relevance to feminist practice by artists working for social change.

Just’s personal experience has been continuously shaping and informing the development of this series of work. Just says: “Each work is a simple prompt that I consider crucial for my own emotional survival and resilience and an invitation to others to imagine how they might prioritise caring for themselves. These are simple actions that are sometimes hard to do.

Beyond offering the means for taking care of myself as an artist and activist, they also are guiding me with simple reminders how it is possible to survive grief, global upheaval, family stress, and life changes. As I share these panels with others, I notice that a reminder to love and care for yourself is always welcome.”

Some actions from the series include: Ask For Help, Stay Positive, Switch Off Your Phone, and Feel Your Feelings. “The knitted panels are all the same size. They are brightly coloured and deploy the same rounded font. These simple design elements underscore the optimism of the project and the clarity of the actions,” Just added.

Linden’s CEO and Director, Vincent Alessi say, “Linden New Art is very excited to present Kate Just’s Self Care Action Series. While the work has its foundation in Kate’s personal experiences it operates at a more universal level. In an increasingly complex and busy world we often forget to slow down, to check in with our own health and wellbeing. This work is a call to arms, asking us to slow down and to take care of ourselves. From panels directing us to eat good food to learn something new, there are reminders of all the little things we can do in life to be mindful and present. Both conceptually and physically the work wraps its warm embrace around us, reminding us that looking after ourselves and each other needs constant work but is ultimately rewarding.”

The exhibition will be complimented by an open knitting circle that creates space for participants to sit collectively and generate something new and powerful together. This is a practice that connects to the ways that communities of women around the world, across generations, and across cultures, have been gathering, crafting textiles, and producing important knowledge together.

As part of the knitting circle is the further development of Conversation Piece, a giant, communally knitted and crocheted yellow length of fabric. This artwork will be created in public craft circles, beginning at Linden, and will be presented at the Tamworth Textile Triennial in 2023, followed by three years of touring, where it will continue to grow.

Kate Just is an American-born, Australian feminist artist best known for her inventive and political use of knitting. In addition to her solo practice, Just often works socially and collaboratively within communities to create large scale, public art projects that tackle significant social issues including sexual harassment and violence against women.

Linden New Art Image credit:

Bunurong, Boon Wurrung Country Kate Just, SELF CARE ACTION: ask for help,
26 Acland St , ST KILDA VIC 3182 2023, hand knitted acrylic yarn, canvas

Exhibition dates: 18 March – 4 June 2023 timber 55 x 40cm.

For further information on Self Care Action, go to lindenarts.org Image courtesy of the artist. Photograph: Simon Strong

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