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Open Glossary showing at ACCA


Remaining true to its longstanding tradition, ACCA or the Australian Centre for Contemporary Arts once again presents a diverse contemporary exhibition for its art-loving audience: “The Open Glossary.”

  1. “Open Glossary” is an artwork by James Nguyen, created in collaboration with a group of curators. It examines the politics of language, cultural exchange, activism, and belonging through dynamic installations, videos, performances, and events across all the galleries at ACCA.
  2. One of the central features of this installation is the inclusion of hundreds of white shirts that fill ACCA’s main hall. This creates a sensory and immersive sculptural work that explores the language of contemporary art and its wider societal implications. The structure forms an intimate space where the public can engage with experiences of belonging and non-belonging, as perceived by a range of LGBTQI+ migrants who have recently resettled in Australia.
  3. Adjacent to “Open Glossary” lies its counterpart in the neighboring gallery space, named “A Queer Glossary.” This is a collaborative, multi-lingual translation project of queer terms by non-English speaking LGBTQI+ community members, for the community.
  4. Continuing his impactful work, James Nguyen presents an extended conversation with Māori artist and curator Tamsen Hopkinson. This work represents a material and conceptual fusion, embodying the shared term ‘Hui,’ (whay) which resonates throughout Indo-Pacific and Moana Polynesian cultures. Conceived as a space for cultural negotiation and exchange, ‘Hui’ carries forward the contemporary linguistic and artistic connections between these two practitioners hailing from Māori and Vietnamese traditions.
  5. The final segment of this diverse exhibition involves James Nguyen’s collaboration with First Nations artist and curator Kate ten Buuren, resulting in an interactive space. Furnished with zines, dioramas, and costumes, this space is designed to engage the younger generation in developing a meaningful relationship with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people of contemporary Australia. This hands-on creative zone encourages participants to craft their own narratives in connection with concepts of Sovereignty, the Voice, Treaty, and Care for Country.

The combination of ACCA’s historical legacy, high-quality art, and “Open Glossary’s” multilingual discussions on a variety of contemporary issues, including gender diversity and sexual identity, this exhibition promises to be a unique and profound piece of art. It facilitates connections on linguistic and spiritual levels, uniting human emotions across boundaries.

The exhibition will be running from 16th September to 19th November 2023 at the Australian Centre for Contemporary Arts. For more information visit the website of Australian Centre for Contemporary Arts,


James Nyguen :

James Nygues Art Work

Courtesy James Nguyen

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Maori Art

Tamsen Hopkinson

Kate ten Buuren



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