THANK YOU for Cleaning Your Patch


A big thank you from Spring Clean Your Patch team! 💚

Thank you to everyone who participated in Spring Clean Your Patch, who got out, cleaned and collected litter!

We’ve captured the highlights across Victoria! 

  • 14,800 pieces of litter collected 
  • 2,464 takeaway packaging collected
  • 355 masks and PPE collected 
  • 2,500+ bottles and cans collected
  • 151 km of road and street cleaned up
  • 1,125kg of litter collected 
  • 140+ Litter Stopper entires 

Also, we’ve captured the highlights from the live stream and from people who tagged their rubbish on social media or uploaded it to the Litter Stopper app.

There are a number of ways to stay informed and follow us as we use this data to keep advocating for plastic waste reform and recycling across the state via 

To stay connected with like-minded people, get in touch with BeachPatrol or Love Our Street to find a local clean-up group near you or if you’d like to start a new group. Together we continue taking local action to make our neighbourhoods a better place.

Thanks from Spring Clean Your Patch team and see you next year! 

Brought to you by BeachPatrol and Love Our Street