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Alexa St George – the Alex Theatre Ghost


Welcome To Alexa’s Story


I love it here you know laying on horse, my beautiful, magnificent horse, The Prince of Siam I call him, I lay on his back as the St Kilda sun shines through the window, basking in the glow I think I am finally happy…

A story from the Alex Theatre ghost Alexa St George.


“To listen in silence to the words that are there, not printed on a page but glued within a breath… Lynnette Cawcutt has captured a whisper, softly spoken in the corner of our world almost within the next… Alexa St George was never silent, though now as time passes between the gaps she has decided to be heard once again.

Like many of us, Alexa came from a foreign land and found a home within the Alex Theatre and the earth that surrounds these hallowed walls. At first, Alexa’s voice seemed as if she was still in Dublin, after a while she has adapted, transformed, as we all do, to the sound of St Kilda, a beating heart against the shield of time.

So from within our tribe, Lynnette has become a ghostwriter for our ever-watching angel, Alexa St George.

It has been said that when the moon is high and the fog rolls in off the Albert Park Lake across our Grand Boulevard Alexa St George can be seen looking out of the window of the Alex Theatre as she stands next to her friend and trusty steed, watching over her tribe, her community.

This is not only her story but those that pass through our place, Alex Theatre St Kilda – Port Phillip.”    Mr K

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