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Cracked Actors Theatre (CAT) Presents “Rain Falling on the Abattoir”


Mick Pacholli
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Winner of CAT’s Summer Reading 2022

Autumn|May 2022

They’re saying ‘The End of Days’ are upon us. Sounds familiar right?

Throughout an era of contagion and with conflict escalating globally such sentiment is contagious. So, what if it were really happening? What if we only had just one last chance, to follow our dreams and make things right? Would it even matter at the end? This play, by Phillip Herd, takes the audience into another realm.

A separate Epoch where Glen is terrified, Emmylou departs to follow her dreams and Molly is making Clayton’s come true. When Arthur arrives, with tidings of change, will anyone have the courage to leave?

‘Rain Falling on the Abattoir’ was the winner of CAT’s Summer Reading 2022 where it was selected to be  produced by Cracked Actors due to the extraordinary response it drew from audiences. Artistic director Matthew Richard Walsh, who is directing the upcoming three-week season said, “Over three years we have pressure tested over seventy new plays live at CAT, but we have never seen an audience respond the way they did to this one. There is a deep connection between what Phil has written and what we have all just been through and yet the dreaded ‘C’ word doesn’t even get a mention. It is full of the side-splitting humour that accompanies catastrophe and demonstrates the resilience of ordinary people
in extraordinary circumstances”.

As we enter a new era ‘Rain Falling On the Abattoir’ captures the hope of the next generation.

“All credit must be given to Cracked Actors Theatre (CAT) for supporting and developing new Australian content.” Nick Pilgrim, Theatre People

Cast of Rain Falling on the Abattoir

cracked actors theatre (cat) presents “rain falling on the abattoir”

From left to right: Shylie Arzouan, Nicholas Matters, Nicola De Rosbo-Davies, Luke Styles & Alex Jackson

Photo by Dane Creative Media

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