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Demand for help is on the up – benefits of volunteering in Port Phillip


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We’re working to a new normal at 

Christ Church Mission’s Community Centre, St Kilda

The number of people we are helping continues to climb but we are are treating this as the new normal. We are all breathing a great sigh of relief now that participation in the community is returning to the life we enjoyed before COVID. So we are happy to see an increase in activity at the community centre and in our neighbourhood. That means we are able to offer more volunteer opportunities.   The experts tells us “Volunteering can help you make new friends, learn new skills, advance your career, and even feel happier and healthier” .  Read on to see the opportunities.
Could you help us financially to handle the increased activity?  The link is in the next line.

Click Here to make a donation (perhaps even monthly donations

Meet one of our Garden Nomads volunteers
Dianne Thomas (pictured on the left with David Dawson fixing a Garden Nomads elk horn fern)  joined our Garden Nomads program in 2018 and continues to be a delight for several garden owners who can no longer manage to maintain their gardens by themselves. With a love for gardening and some spare time, Dianne has found the perfect match for her interest in volunteering.  The program makes a huge difference to the residents as well. Dianne says: “Being a Garden Nomad during the uncertain COVID times has given me something to look forward to each week. It has stopped each day from being like the day before. Helping people who love their gardens is so satisfying and over time they become friends.”

You too can be a volunteer
Charet, Froilan and Lindsay are among the Open House Meal volunteers who work in teams to assist planning, preparing and serving our Wednesday night meal, currently collected from the front door but hoping to return to a sit down meal when COVID health restrictions permit.

But if gardening is your forte, why not join Dianne on the Garden Nomads programme. You’ll be working with elderly, frail or disabled local residents who are unable to care for their garden alone.  We can provide tools and training opportunities for people who would like to learn more about gardening.  We also have a kitchen garden and little plant nursery that is open to participants on Thursday afternoons.

And there are more opportunities!
That’s Dianne from Garden Nomads with one of her clients (maintaining social distance).
How about Emergency Support?
The Emergency Support program has worked right through the pandemic to address immediate food needs and longer term life issues in record numbers. It is open Monday to Friday from 10.30 to 1.30pm. In addition to the fresh fruit and vegetables delivered by Second Bite and items collected from Foodbank, we receive frozen meals prepared by Alex Makes Meals, FareShare and many generous food donations from the community and local businesses and café owners.  Volunteers assist this program by sorting and stocking deliveries, serving customers and providing assistance to the Emergency Support worker.

And our programs need volunteer Delivery Drivers
Our partnerships with many generous organisations means that an important role is having Delivery Drivers to collect the food.
Other volunteer opportunities are available.  We welcome you to give us a call on 9534 9250 or send an email to communitycentre@ccm.org.au.

From all of us, enjoy the colours of autumn.
Read our latest Annual Report, with a full list of our supporters, by clicking here 
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