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Does your Car old car cost too much to repair? Here’s what to do in Brisbane


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Vehicles, just like anything else in this world have a life cycle. And there comes a point in that cycle in which your old pal requires more care. It seems you get a little bit nervous to do ANYTHING with it or get a little bit embarrassed to have your partner in it. At that very point you ask yourself a very decisive question: Does it cost too much to repair my used car? If you’ve got the same question in the back of your head, this article is for you.

Make or Break?

Before diving into the whole repairing process, you need to make sure that repairing is in fact an available option. If you feel you are always worried about your vehicle or you visit the mechanic too frequently in recent times, then repairing is not even an option. Other conditions with similar result at the end are:

  • Possible huge repairing cost
  • Possible lengthy period of repairing
  • It’s too difficult or even impossible to find the problematic part to repair (for some really old cars)
  • Possible recurrence of the the same problem
  • Dangerous consequences of possible repairment
  • You simply got tired of this car

If you have any, even one of the reasons above on your list then maybe it’s best to say goodbye to your old vehicle. To do that in the best possible way, we’d strongly suggest calling a dealership such as Junk Car Removal – if you are located in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Caboolture, Ipswich and Logan – and our salespeople will help you through the process of getting rid of your old car by offering top cash for it. The number? 0483 333 444.

If you do not have any of the reasons above on your list we can continue to explore what to do to repair our car.

Where to begin?

Make sure about the cost and source of the problem. To do that you need to get quotes from different repair shops and weigh up the different options you have. Neither the cheapest quote nor the most expensive one can be the best option. The one whom you can trust and is more professional and has a better understanding of the brand and the model of your vehicle is the safest option. If the cost they are suggesting is not more than the cost of acquiring a new car, go for it.

Some might suggest it’s good to do some repairing yourself, but if it’s too technical or your car had the same issue before, it will be better to leave it in the hands of a professional only.

Live in Brisbane and looking for Car Mechanics?

Well if you live in Brisbane, there are some reliable car machinal services that you can have your car repaired easily, here are some, check them out:

1 – Name : Brisbaneautocare

Location :  27 Devlan Street

Mansfield QLD 4122

Phone Number : 07 3170 3777

Website : https://brisbaneautocare.com.au/


2 – Name : brisbaneautomotive

Location : 1/19 Kitchener Road, Kedron Qld 4031

(Cnr Kitchener Road and Glentanna Street)

Phone Number :  (07) 3350 3966

Website: https://www.brisbaneautomotive.com.au/

Calculating the costs

Money is only one key element of the costs of repairing your old car. It’s the most obvious one. But it’s not the only one. When considering repairing your old car you need to take into account the factors below as well:

  • Time: the time you spend on finding the best repair shop, finding needed parts, waiting period till it’s fixed and all other times together shouldn’t be that long so your expenses for alternative means of communication becomes too much to take.
  • Comfort: with the old car in the repair shop, the business is not as usual. So you may have to reschedule some plans or cancel some others because your car is not available. Another factor is that you have to feel safe and comfortable. If you have worries about your vehicle all the time, you are paying a high price.
  • New Car costs: you might think that buying a new car is hell of a process. It is not. You need to check the market and there are really good options in car marketplaces or in dealerships that offer reasonable payment. You can explore the option of leasing or salary sacrificing or any other form of car loans and who knows you might find something that is actually doable for you. To keep it short, maybe there are good deals to obtain a new car but you haven’t explored them.

Can I sell my old car without repair?

There might be a sweet deal around the corner but your current vehicle needs to be fixed before selling. One idea is that if you can fund the repair, you will get your money back when you sell your fixed car as the value is more. But if you don’t have enough time and even do not want to bother yourself, there are car dealerships such as Junk Car Removals to help you sell your old car even without repairing in a free car removal and the possibility of selling any car in any condition to them in Australia.

What to consider when repairing an old car?

Alright, let’s dive into this car-restoration adventure! So you’ve got yourself an old beauty that’s seen better days, and you’re wondering where to start. Let’s break it down step by step to get her back on the road safely and with style.

1. Safety First, Pal!

– Brakes: Seriously, if you can’t stop, we’ve got a major problem. Get those brake pads, rotors, and fluids checked out. Squeaky brakes are a no-go.

– Tires: Are your tires balding faster than your uncle? Time for some new rubber. Don’t forget the spare!

– Lights: Make sure your high beams aren’t acting like dims, and your turn signals aren’t playing hide-and-seek. We want all the lights on deck.

– Steering & Suspension: If steering feels like wrestling a bear, or if every bump feels like a rollercoaster, let’s get that suspension and steering in check.

– Seatbelts & Airbags: They’re lifesavers, literally. Make sure they’re in top shape.

2. The Heart of the Beast: Engine & Transmission

– Fluids: Your car’s blood – keep it clean! Fresh oil, coolant, and transmission fluid are a must.

– Belts & Hoses: Snap and pop are great for dance moves, not so much for belts and hoses. Replace if they’re looking weary.

– Filters: We all need to breathe, your car included. New air and fuel filters, please.

– Spark Plugs & Ignition: Keep the fire burning strong. Change those spark plugs and check the ignition.

– Transmission Care: If it’s grinding, slipping, or begging for mercy, give your transmission some TLC.

3. Electric Avenue: Electrical System

– Battery Check: Your car’s heartbeat. Make sure it’s strong, or else you might need a jump-start coffee for your car.

– Wiring Woes: Frayed wires are a “shock” to the system. Bad pun, but seriously, check them.

– Alternator Antics: Keep the energy flowing. Make sure your alternator is doing its job.

4. Skeleton Check: Body & Frame

– Rust is like that annoying relative that just won’t leave. Kick it out and make sure your car’s body and frame are solid.

5. Interior Vibes

– Comfy Seating: Patch up any tears, and make sure the seats are springy enough for your behind.

– Dashboard Drama: Cracks or fading? Time for a facelift.

– Climate Control: No one likes a sweaty drive. Let’s keep that AC and heater up to snuff.

6. Looking Sharp: Cosmetic Touches

– Once we’ve got her running like a dream, let’s make her look like one. A fresh coat of paint and some polished chrome can do wonders.

7. Legal Eagle

– Let’s not get pulled over now. Make sure she’s street-legal and meets emission and safety standards.


Remember, restoring an old car is like a marathon, not a sprint. Take your time, budget wisely, and don’t be afraid to ask for help from a mechanic who knows the classics.






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