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I am just trying to understand the bereavement of a community for a pet. In trying to write this eulogy I am fighting tears. The St Kilda Penguins have worked hard to establish their Colony and they are very trusting of humans. It’s with great sadness that I express, on behalf of the Penguin Colony, the passing of a loved and valued member ‘gone fishing’ in the waters of eternity.

The Penguin, a female was miro-chipped and weighed as a chick. Her movements would have been monitored by Researchers interested in her well-being and the welfare of the Colony. At aged two she would have reached breeding age and if so would have been nesting. She would have a Partner, Eggs and impending Chicks. The Little Penguin would have been looking forward to the return of human visitors, proud to show off her achievements. All this was taken away from her in the most brutal and cowardly way.

If anyone has any information about the assault that occurred in St Kilda, in the early hours of Wednesday October 27th, resulting in this Little Penguin being euthanized please contact Crime Stoppers. Rest in Peace Little Girl Penguin.

New laws mean lost Vic pets sent to vets

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