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Ms Pollyanna Penguin


The odyssey of my Greek Virtual Tour was the journey.

“Boarders, though, are rarely as definite as they appear on maps.” Place is as much about mythology as it is about the past, present...

Why Australia Day Matters? by Cristina Ceddia

In order to understand the significance of Governor Bourke’s Proclamation (1835) one must look at a secondary source document. Power Knowledge and Aborigines, 1992...

Do Animals Make Music? By Ms. Pollyanna Penguin ©

The article was an academic piece I wrote for LaTrobe University module 'redefining our humanity.'

A Virtual Odyssey

On the 10th of December, annus 2021, I participated, along with my fellow students, in a cultural exchange involving a paideia (learning) with students...

Going Fishing

I am just trying to understand the bereavement of a community for a pet. In trying to write this eulogy I am fighting tears....

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