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Mick Pacholli
Mick Pachollihttps://tagg.com.au
Mick created TAGG - The Alternative Gig Guide in 1979 with Helmut Katterl, the world's first real Street Magazine. He had been involved with his father's publishing business, Toorak Times and associated publications since 1972.  Mick was also involved in Melbourne's music scene for a number of years opening venues, discovering and managing bands and providing information and support for the industry.        
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Plastic News

Seating for 5

The container deposit scheme is almost here!  

Victoria’s container deposit scheme is expected to start 1 November 2023 and will reward Victorians with a 10-cent refund for every eligible can, carton and bottle they return.

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Coles banning soft plastic bags

By the end of June (this month), Coles will stop selling soft-plastic shopping bags in-store and online. This will remove 230 million plastic bags from circulation in one year – great stuff!

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Global Treaty on Plastics Pollution Update

In March 2022, 175 nations agreed to develop a legally binding agreement on plastic pollution by 2024. The UN treaty will address the full lifecycle of plastic, including its production, design and disposal. For further information see here and an article on international politics in the latest negotiations here.

What can you do?

  1. Keep coming to your local monthly BeachPatrol or Love Our Street cleans! This keeps the spotlight on plastic pollution and brings together your local community to talk about and raise the profile of the issue of plastic pollution in your local community.
  2. Write to your local Commonwealth and State MPs and local councillors, tell them about your volunteering with BeachPatrol and invite them to your next local BeachPatrol or Love Our Street clean! Make sure they know that joining the fight to combat plastic pollution is a vote winner! Achieving a global treaty to end plastic pollution is a really important tool that is needed for this fight and we need engagement from all levels of government.

World Environment Day and a giant 💩

Monday 5 June was the UN World Environment Day and this year’s focus was to remind us that people’s actions on plastic pollution matters.

What did you think of the giant plastic poo on Bondi Beach? We thought it was pretty neat.


We have picked up 1 million pieces of plastic litter!

This is a big moment and milestone for BeachPatrol and Love Our Street! A big thank you to all our volunteers who have collected and logged their litter in the LitterStopper app.

Also we achieved 213 cleans in March, 163 April and 100 in May!

Keep up the good work and if you haven’t been for a while, come and join us! More and more people are joining the fight and with people power, we are more likely to influence government and businesses to take the necessary actions to dramatically reduce reliance on plastic products.

School & Corporate Cleans

We’ve been busy doing beach cleans with Oxfam, Mars Wrigley, Melbourne Uni, Mulesoft, Northcote High School and Dimensional Fund Advisor.

If you want to arrange an education session please get in touch with admin@beachpatrol.com.au

Bayside Youth Awards

Congrats to our young leader (Milla) from Brighton BeachPatrol 3186 who won the environmental award and to all the young individuals who have made a significant positive impact in their community and encourage others to follow in their footsteps.

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Meet Jennie!

‘I got involved with BeachPatrol because of the amount of litter impacting wildlife. I’m passionate about waste and recycling and it’s something I can do to make a difference – for our wildlife, our environment and the state of our planet.’

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A message in a bottle went viral! 

BeachPatrol member Rosalind Evans went viral with her ‘Message in a Bottle’ story. Ros collected the plastic bottle at our Fitzroy River beach clean-up. The message read: “My name is Ines Zapcan, I am 8 years old, whoever finds this bottle will have good luck for life from me and my family”.

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Snap Send & Solve

If you spot an issue in your community like dumped rubbish, littering or abandoned trolleys take a pick with Send Snap and Solve! It will be sent to the local Council to manage. Download the app on your phone if you haven’t already got it!

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Smooth looking dash

2023 Litter Collection Highlights 

March 2023 Litter Stopper Entries

1,635 glass bottles, 2,071 plastic drink bottles, 2,300 metal cans, 364 PPE plus more.

April 2023 Litter Stopper Entries

541 glass bottles, 1,067 plastic drink bottles, 1,283 metal cans, 219 PPE plus more.

May 2023 Litter Stopper Entries

328 glass bottles, 710 plastic drink bottles, 684 metal cans, 285 PPE plus more.

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