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Styles and Motifs of Biker Pendants


Mick Pacholli
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Pendants are one of the very first pieces of jewelry people started wearing. Initially, they were the prerogative of hunters and came in the form of fangs or claws of the animals they killed. Such pendants were supposed to emphasize a man’s dexterity, skill, and superiority over other hunters in a tribe. During the dawn of early civilizations, pendants were crafted from various metals, including precious ones. Items featuring gold, silver, and jewels could be worn only by the nobility, rich individuals, as well as those who had a special role in a society, such as priests. Today, pendants are for everyone. They are an easy way to spruce up one’s image or send a secret message.

Pendants are among the most coveted items for bikers. They are crafted from sterling silver, stainless steel, white gold, titanium, as well as more traditional materials including stones, bones, and horns. Although all biker pendants radiate masculinity, the motifs they carry are quite dissimilar. Here are some popular options if you hunt down these humdingers.

Religious Symbols

Most often, pendants featuring religious symbols are worn under clothing. But silver biker pendants are a different thing. Crosses in all their variety are made large and flashy so that everyone can see them from afar. There are many Christians among motorcycle riders but most of them flaunt crosses without giving them any religious significance at all.

Along with crosses, icons, and other Christian images, biker pendants feature symbols and visuals of world religions. Buddhist bells, Dorje amulets, Indian deities, and much more constitute a large and diverse portion of biker jewelry collections.

Oriental Symbols

These pendants are made for those who admire the culture and history of the East. Dragons, for example, are much-respected creatures in China and Japan. You can easily tell them apart from their Western counterparts – they have supple slim bodies, moustaches on their muzzles, and no wings. They are often depicted with a pearl or jewel in their paws as a symbol of wisdom. An ancient legend says that only the strongest and most determent Koi carps are able to turn into a dragon once they swim all the way up the Yellow River.

Koi carps are another popular symbol associated with the Far East. These colorful fish represent such qualities are persistence, purposefulness, strength, and determination. Along with that, they stand for love, friendship, fidelity, and loyalty.

Other symbols that fall into this category include Tibetan and Japanese demon masks, samurai imagery, Maneki Neko cats, and many others.

Symbols of Masculinity

The mission of these pendants is to showcase how strong, virile, and manly their wearers are. Just like in primitive times when men used to wear fangs on their necks, these pendants are designed to resemble trophies. This category of pendants includes fangs, claws, and skulls of predatory animals, as well as heads and figurines of these predators. The go-to options are lions, bears, wolves, tigers, eagles, and mythological creatures.

On top of that, various types of weapons belong to the symbols of masculinity, as well as Viking images and deities of Scandinavian mythology.

Protective Symbols

Everybody has seen bikers wearing crosses but only a few of us know why skulls exactly. According to their beliefs, the skull is protection against death. It is sort of a mark that death leaves on a person when it wants to take them away. However, if a person already has this mark, death will retreat.

Besides skulls, motorcycle enthusiasts wear zodiac signs, runes, totem animals, Celtic knots, Evil Eye and other eye-related symbols (Flying Eyeball, the Eye of Horus, etc.), horseshoes, etc.

Gothic Symbols

Various symbols associated with death (skeletons, skulls, coffins, Grim Reaper, etc.) are some of the prominent examples of the biker Gothic style. But Gothic isn’t only spooky, it is also sophisticated and intricate. Therefore, you have a chance to spot beautiful Gothic patterns incorporated into biker jewelry. The most beloved are swirly abstractions, floral patterns, and intertwined geometric shapes. Along with this, Gothic enjoys a sprinkle of colors, so vibrant gems and enamel are dramatic additions to these pieces.

Music Symbolism

Bikers love music. Rock music, to be exact. Why would it be surprising to anyone that their pendants are reflections of their tastes? The names of rock bands and rock scene legends, their emblems, song lyrics, instruments, and everything related to music are popular motifs in biker pendants. One of the coolest designs we’ve seen combines the love for music and skulls. A quirky skull-like image of a favorite musician won’t leave anyone unimpressed.

Motorcycle Imagery

A biker is unimaginable without his two-wheeler, and biker jewelry is unimaginable without motorcycle images. Popular motorcycle brands, legendary bikes, and various motorcycle parts (such as exhaust pipes, V8 engines, bike chains, wheels, and so on) take pride of place in the jewelry collection of every biker.

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