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What is the cost of moving interstate?


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The average move in Australia costs between a few hundred and thousands depending on how you pack it and where you are moving. Interstate removals can be a more difficult task to relocate you to interstate rural towns and may cost in upwards of thousands due to the difficulty of access, it will however depend on where you are and what assistance you need.

You should also consider peak times as many people enjoy moving during the warmer months or even over the holiday period, as it gives them less time they need to take off from work. However, this could however be more costly.

You can also find an alternative method of moving such as using a shipping container to reduce your costs. You get the container delivered and once it arrives, you can pack the contents at your leisure.

When moving larger loads, this could work out to be more economical.

You will usually be given a timeframe to load the container before it gets picked up.

Most logistics companies offer online calculators for calculating quotes that are interactive to allow you to select the items to work out the space required.

Below is the price estimate as a result of our conversations with experts. To get a more accurate quote you will need to consult directly with an interstate company such as removalists Brisbane to Melbourne.

Moving to:20ft Self Packing Container from:2 Bedroom Home with removalists from:
Melbourne to Perth$3800$5000
Sydney to Brisbane$2700$3500
Sydney to Melbourne$2500$3000
Brisbane to Melbourne$3800$4000
Sydney to Perth$4000$5500
South Australia to Melbourne$2000$2500


How can I move interstate with a budget?

Although long-distance moves can be costly, there are ways to reduce the impact on your wallet.

  • To minimise the packing cost, donate and declutter your household, hold a garage sale and even fund raise before you pack
  • Get quotes from reputable companies and have them send you written estimates
  • If possible, avoid moving during peak seasons when you know removalists are in demand.
  • Make sure you have everything ready to move in one go. Get a truck that will fit everything and simply make sure you have the keys for your new home to save on storage fees.
  • Although renting a truck or asking friends to help you, may save you some money, it also takes up a lot of time as well. So, weigh it up to see if it’s a better choice before you commit to doing it yourself.

Additional items to organize

Moving interstate is different to moving locally. Here are also a few things you should arrange to help with a smooth transition.

This includes:

  1. Registration of a car

Arrange a roadworthy inspection, it differs a little in each state so you need to book an appointment with the government authority responsible for managing all aspects of transport in the appropriate state. This inspection must usually be completed within three months after the address change.

  1. Electoral roll

To update your voter registration and to access the Australian Electoral Commission, visit the website for the electoral commission in the new state. If you fail to do this, once you update your Australian driver’s license, the AEC will send out a letter asking you to update your registration.

  1. Mail

Make sure you arrange to update the new address to important mail. Such as the bank, utilities, schools, superannuation companies, driver’s license etc. You may even be able to arrange with Australia Post to forward on your mail.

  1. Schools

Make sure you know which schools your children will be attending. If you are zoned to a particular area, check out the schools that fall in the catchment area. A good idea is also to contact your child’s current school to get progress reports you can pass on to the new school.

  1. Utilities

Make sure when you vacate your old premise that you disconnect your utilities such as water, gas, electricity and telecommunications and internet. You don’t want any unsuspecting bills that turn up simply because you forgot to disconnect the utilities. You will then have to make sure that you connect up the same utilities at your new property. If you know which day you will be moving in it is best to advise the utility companies so that they can ensure that you have your water, gas and electricity switched on when you arrive.

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