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Sean O'Kelly

The Miracle Club (in cinemas – 3rd of August)

Do you believe in miracles? I'm unsure if I do or even if I would recognise one if I saw it. Apparently, millions of intelligent individuals...

Balloons Make ‘POP Art’ At Chadstone

First, there was the Chanel 7 television show BLOW UP, featuring ten of Australia's amazingly creative balloon art twisters/decorators. Now, just in time for the...

BLOW UP – Making Inflation The Most Colorful Thing On Television

Have you ever watched with awe as a busker or an entertainer at a shopping centre inflates a long sausage balloon and magically twists...

TAKTIK TENNIS™ – The Newest Way To Have Fun

#Product Review I fondly remember how as a child, I would spend countless hours, on the beach, in a park or a mate's backyard, whacking...

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