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Cristina Ceddia


Taormina is a hilltop town located on Sicily’s east coast near Mount Etna, in the Province of Messina Italy. The town is known for...

Bollart_Bourke Street and ANZAC Day

This Country Has Never Been Ceded Upper Esplanade St Kilda (Melbourne). Photo by Cristina Ceddia 24th December 2017. Note: The bollart attracted no media attention. The bollard was...

Shane Warne Memorial Service

Last night I attend the State Memorial Service for Shane Warne ‘a cricketer’ from Black Rock.

Why Australia Day Matters? by Cristina Ceddia

Australia Day and why it matters to our First Nation Peoples? Bourke's Proclamation 1835 explained.

WHAT, White Possessive

In order to understand the full significance of Governor Bourke’s Proclamation (1835) one must look at a secondary source document. White Possessive (2015)  by...

A “Fine Animal Gorilla”

‘The Case for the Personhood of Gorillas’ Dexterity Manos sophisticated language, reading, writing, arithmetic, growth and potential development to a benchmark adult IQ and cognitive...

A Virtual Odyssey

On the 10th of December, annus 2021, I participated, along with my fellow students, in a cultural exchange involving a paideia (learning) with students...

Governor Bourke’s 1835 proclamation overturned Batman’s deed.

Governor Bourke’s Proclamation (1835) is an original hand written document by Governor Richard Bourke, Sydney NSW 1835. The document states, “Given under my Hand and...

Beyoncé, Titian and Me, Drunkenness and Power in the Italian Renaissance Nude

Author (blog) Jill Burke Jill Burke’s blog can be evaluated as an art essay on “how culture works and to whom it belongs”. Burke argues...

Dick-shit dead-heads Bash Penguin to Death By Pollyanna Penguin

“Sadly after the bashing death of my mate St Kilda has made it to the top of the shit list” was the only comment...

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