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Decibel Levels Require A Positive Change


We are all very happy the council are determined to make our commercial.strips in St Kilda Entertainment precincts.

We understand that this may take some work and maybe time, but the biggest issue we feel needs to be addressed to save the industry collectively is the EPA Decibel level limits which govern the underpinning issue, being that current decibel limits were set in a time when living in a commercial zone was illegal. But now that the state and Councils have allowed residencies above shops in lifestyle nodes, the new resident population get the same privilege for silence that residencies in residential-only pockets do.

To that effect, all residential homes in residential pockets do not have the ordinary sounds of commercial businesses to deal with.

One can’t declare an entertainment/live music precinct realistically without giving leniencies on the quantum of ordinary commercial noises…and patron noises too, to be exact.

Has the Council consulted with the EPA which is essential to put up the tolerable decibel standards a degree, and if so, what is the EPA’s position on allowing an increase of decibel readings to at least 3 or 4 units higher so far?

Are they agreeable?

This is obviously essential to allow live music the breadth of sound it would require to take commercial strips out of residential strips standards and back into a normal commercial environment, at least, somewhat.

The 2 or 3-decibel increase, while quite small, will simply save the industry from complaints emanating from encroaching residential developments thus far, which, as for now, have devastated many iconic venues, as the EPA act gives all residencies, in commercial areas or not,  the same rights to absolute silence as homes do in residential pockets of the entire suburban landscape, which is simply impossible for a commercial precinct to meet.

Does the entertainment precinct have EPA support? And if not, the naming of a precinct alone becomes nothing more than rebranding, and just spin.

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