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You Will thank Us for These tips to improve eCommerce Website Designs


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The trend of eCommerce business is on the rise. More people buy their products online now compared to the past years. When people buy products online, they notice the layout or the design of the website. If the look of the website is bad or it is not easy to use, then people don’t like to buy from their website. So, the ecommerce website design plays an important role in the buying decision of the customer.

In a study, it was found that around 50% of people believe that the design of the website is the top factor in determining the credibility of the business. So, pay focus on your website design and try to make it better constantly. Also, remember that website design includes many different components, which needs to be perfect.

As we saw that website design plays an important role in eCommerce business, so in this post, we will give you tips that will help to improve the design of your eCommerce website.

10 Tips to improve your eCommerce website design

1. Optimize the product images

Use the best quality product images on your website. Try to use HD photos for product images. Because, whenever a customer visits to buy the product, then he/she definitely checks the images of the product. If your images are not of good quality, then it will leave a poor impression on the customer’s mind.

To optimize the product images, we would advise you to – compress your images to find a balance between size & quality, and invest proper time in clicking pictures. The quality of product images can leave an impact on the customer’s mind regarding the design of the website and, most importantly regarding the product quality. So, use high-quality product images on your website.

2. Accurate product information

Make sure that the information of the product must be accurate on your website. This includes – product descriptions, price of the product, stock levels, images of the product, etc. If you have all this information on your website, your website will be considered reliable by the customers.

3. Improve the speed of the webpages

If your website or web pages are loading slower, then there are many chances that the customer will switch to the competitor’s website. Also, the competition is very high in an eCommerce business. So, you should not ignore the speed of your website. You can hire ecommerce website design Australia to ensure the speed of your web pages.

4. Use colour theory

Colours can affect people’s minds psychologically. Thus, the colour of even the smallest things on your website matters. You should use one dominant colour for the entire website and then one complementary colour to create the perfect scheme and have an attractive look.

Pantone is the industry standard for colour communication (yes, there is such a thing!) and is familiar to anybody who works in marketing or design in any capacity. An ecommerce website design Melbourne would have proper knowledge of this thing and so you can take their help in this matter.

5. Simplify the navigation

If you don’t want your visitors to abandon your website because they can’t figure out how to use the navigation, keep it as simple as possible. Don’t use more than 7 items in your menu. Try to be descriptive in your labels., and keep your navigation bar fixed.

If your navigation is complex, then the people cannot perform their desired action and this can affect you negatively because customers won’t visit such a site again. Thus, easy and simple navigation is necessary.

6. Optimize your website for all the devices

Today, most people use the internet on mobile devices, so it is important for you to optimize the website for the mobile. Not only that, the website should be compatible for all devices like mobiles, tablets, laptops, computers, etc. Because, you don’t want to lose the customer just because your website was not working properly on that device. So, make sure to optimize your website for all the devices and hire an ecommerce web design Melbourne for this purpose.

7. Customer service functionalities

You should offer more customer service functionalities to your customers. Like to simplify the checkout process, have a ‘Contact Us’ page, etc. Apart from it you can use chatbots, integrate social media channels, answer FAQs. These things will make things easier for the customer. Also, the customers will trust you.

8. Have a section for customer feedback

Customer feedback is extremely important to build the trust of the customers. So, while designing for the website, make sure to include a customer feedback section. When you have a customer feedback section, then your potential customers will also read it. This will make their decision of buying easy and fast.

9. Have a CTA with the use of proper colours

CTA i.e. Call to Action is a section of a website, commercial, or piece of material that motivates viewers to take action. Many people may know about CTA, but only a few may know that using CTA with different colours may drive different actions. According to some studies, it has been seen that an orange CTA button boosts conversion rates by around 33%, and red button CTA’s increases conversions by 20%.

10. Make the most of Social-Media

Today almost everyone is on social media, thus if you integrate your social media with your website, then it will be very beneficial for you. If we just take an example of Instagram, then total active users on Instagram are over 1.3 billion. So, make the most out of social media, you can link your website on social media and gain visitors from there.


In conclusion, we would say that website design plays an important role in the buying decision of the customers. So, the brands need to focus on the website design and make sure the design of the website is proper and the website in general is user-friendly and attractive.

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